Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions relating to recreation.

 How can I become a coach/assistant coach?

Please state your desire to volunteer at registration.  All of our coaches are volunteers who must complete the Rutgers Coaches Clinic Safety Training.

 If it is past the registration, can I still register my child for a sport?

Every attempt will be made to accept every child within reason.  This may involve a late registration fee.  However, parents must understand that in order to purchase equipment and uniforms and to make rosters for the sport, a deadline must be made and adhered to.  There may be exceptions made for all new residents.

 My child is "x" years old. What can I register my child in? Is it co-ed? Will my child be with their brother/sister?

Most sports are available to children in kindergarten and up, and generally have a boys or girls division.  With the exception of soccer and football, they play together for the first year.

 What sports does Emerson Recreation offer my child?

Soccer, football, cheerleading, baseball, softball, wrestling, and basketball.  All of the sports have various registration fees.