Fire Prevention Tips

  • As winter approaches, barbecue season for most of us has ended.  DO NOT store propane tanks inside the house or garage.  They should be stored and secured outside at least 5 feet away from a window, door or wooden structure.  NEVER store them in a trunk of a car or closed van.  
  • The holiday season is just around the corner and many of our homes and businesses will be decorated.  Make sure that all wiring and accessories do not overload your electrical outlets.  Limit the use of extension cords.  Every electrical device must have a UL listed label on it or don't use them.
  • Keep all combustible materials far away from a heat source or open flame.
  • Never leave lit candles unattended ... EVER!
  • If you did not change your smoke detector batteries, DO IT NOW!
  • Attention business owners & property managers:  Contact your Fire Official at 201-262-6086 x2 for a Knox Box application.  These boxes are mounted on the exterior of the building and contain entry keys for fire department access