Spring Into Action! Spring Cleaning = Fire Safety

When cleaning your homes, check and correct things like:

  • Frayed and damaged appliance cords, wiring, fuses or breakers.
  • Piles of rubbish, trash or yard debris.
  • Remove stacks of paper and magazines; take them to recycling centers.
  • Check for water leaks, especially near electrical appliances.
  • Check for good clearance between heating appliances and combustibles.
  • Properly store flammable liquids and home chemicals.
  • Make sure that gasoline and cleaning fluids are well-marked and are out of the reach of children and pets.  Store in a cool, dry place outside the house.
  • Clean up work areas.  Put dangerous tools, adhesives, matches or other work items away and out of any child's reach.
  • Inventory all home and yard chemicals, paints, and poisons.  Store them according to their label.  Properly dispose of any that are expired or leaking or look bad, but don't throw them in the trash or down the drain. 
  • Make sure that all chemicals are kept under lock and key and out of reach of children and pets.